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Effective Spiritual Warfare

How to Win Victory against the Enemy


The world we live in comprises two different levels of reality-the material world and the unseen spiritual world. In that unseen world a great battle is being waged between the forces of God and the forces of evil ruled by Satan. Spiritual warfare is happening all around us; however, many Christians do not realize that fact or know how to stand strong in the presence of evil and defeat these spiritual enemies in daily life.


Effective Spiritual Warfare describes the tactics evil forces use to keep Christians from fulfilling God's plans for them personally and globally. Then the book concentrates primarily on eight ways to overcome Satan in our lives. These principles are truly life transforming, thoroughly biblical, and consistently validated throughout Christian history.


Applying these principles in Jesus's name will offer readers new opportunities to participate in God's victories as well as God's ultimate Victory in Christ. Believers who feel trapped and hopeless as they face sometimes unspeakable evil will find hope and be equipped through this book to triumph in effective spiritual warfare and incarnate God's reign on Earth.

Effective Spiritual Warfare

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