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Mary Lou Codman- Wilson, PhD

Pastoral Psychology, Psychological Anthropology, Christian Education and Buddhism
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Since I became a Christian as a college student from a totally non-Christian background, my new life in Christ has been centered around people from Asian cultures in disciple-making, worship, writing and companionship. I've been called a hard-boiled egg...


New Book Release:



I have published with William Carey Publishers called Effective Spiritual Warfare. The publisher asked me to create this book as part of their new “Snapshot Series”, which is intended to get people interested in quality content in a short version.


The book has taken an entire chapter on Spiritual Warfare from Alex’s and my book, Supracultural Gospel. I have added other stories and material to that chapter as well. The book is 40 pages; therefore it is very appropriate for use in small groups, Bible study type groups, and with Halloween coming up and all the overt demonstration of evil in Halloween, it might be a very relevant short book to have in your context.


The book is available for pre-order at and will be listed on major distributor sites such as, Christian Book Distributors, Barnes & Noble, and others.  The retail price is $4.99. The ePub version is $2.99 and will be available on our website as well as Amazon (Kindle), EBSCO, ProQuest, and many others. 

Thank you very much!


Dr. Mary Lou


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I am very excited to announce the publication of my latest book, Supracultural Gospel: Bridging East and West, co-written with Dr. Alex Zhou. The struggles he had in sharing his faith in China after becoming a believer in the U.S. highlights the problems Asians face when they have heard of the gospel in Western terms that are not embraced in Asia. The principles we share corrects those problems and presents the gospel in terms understandable by those from Asian backgrounds.

Supracultural Gospel is a powerful tool for those who are passionate about cross-cultural discipleship. It includes personal stories from many Asian internationals. The lessons learned here can be applied globally in various settings, such as mission/outreach to Asians, academia, church discipleship programs, international student ministry, etc.


William Carey Publishing has created a discount code to help you save on this book. 

Click HERE for code SUPRA25 to apply, and save 25% off the paperback or eBook at We hope that this book can be shared to a wider audience, so we encourage you to post this offer on your own networks.

You can also purchase the book through Amazon.

Thank you very much!


Dr. Mary Lou

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Book is available for pre-order at
or at, Christian Book Distributors, Barnes & Noble, and others.  



Scattered Flock is a daily meditation on Scripture for people’s nurture and encouragement. We send out these meditations through email to a global audience.

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